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NoClaims has all the features needed to manage your portfolio efficiently and effectively. You have insight into and control over all objects via a user-friendly and concise dashboard reports - always and everywhere.

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Smart features

The online management application is characterised by a wide range of smart features, an easy-to-use dashboard and a reporting system that can be completely customized.

NoClaims gives you up-to-date insight and control - always and everywhere. You limit your liability by the opportunity to respond accurately.


  • Clear dashboard available on all devices.
  • Current insight into all activities, reports and files.
  • Receive 24/7 automatic reports when and where you want.
  • Flexible portfolio design at every level.

Management and monitor your real estate portfolio anytime and anywhere from any device with an internet connection. Share current information, changes and status updates with colleagues, suppliers or management partners 24/7.


You can track the status of activities or work yourself, but also authorise suppliers to do this. Pictures and lists of open items and deadlines can be added.


Automated reports give insight into the safety level: critical (red), monitor (orange) or planned (green). Reporting may be set up by country, supplier, portfolio or portfolio manager.


You will be given administrator rights for your portfolio and can add/remove real estate and organise data. The folder structure contains building files, components and activities. Classification by portfolio and country takes place automatically.

Status updates

Manage the status of activities and work yourself or authorise your suppliers and cooperate more efficiently and faster using NoClaims.


NoClaims is available in 11 languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Spanish. You easily configure the language yourself.

Email alerts

Set up email alerts for developments that are relevant to you. It keeps your informed and allows you to respond accurately.

Multi-platform, multi-device

Multi-platform, multi-device