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Module A: Liability
Module B: Failures and calamities
Module C: Multi-annual maintenance
Module D: Financial
Module E: Agreements
Module F: Business Rule Engine
Module G: Dynamic Reporting
Module H: Link module (API)
Intermediair Module € 1.728,81 / Month

Price level: 2024 based on number of properties.
(NB building up to a maximum of 5,000m2 GFA or per every 5,000m2 GFA for larger buildings)

More information about the modules
Number of Buildings1 Module monthly
1-5€ 91,00
6-20€ 207,00
21-60€ 554,00
61-150€ 1.016,00
Number of Buildings2 Modules monthly
1-5€ 163,80
6-20€ 372,60
21-60€ 997,20
61-150€ 1.828,80
Number of Buildings3 Modules monthly
1-5€ 218,40
6-20€ 496,80
21-60€ 1.329,60
61-150€ 2.438,40
Number of Buildings4 Modules monthly
1-5€ 254,80
6-20€ 579,60
21-60€ 1.551,20
61-150€ 2.844,80
Number of Buildings5 Modules monthly
1-5€ 273,00
6-20€ 621,00
21-60€ 1.662,00
61-150€ 3.048,00
Number of Buildings6 or more monthly
1-5€ 291,20
6-20€ 662,40
21-60€ 1.772,80
61-150€ 3.251,20

Create your own package.

Module A: Liability, the current NoClaims can be used for legal obligations and inspections to register, put on the agenda and keep track of progress.
Module B: Ticket, a malfunction and reporting module for corrective maintenance. Suppliers can connect directly to this, so that notifications are sent to them automatically.
Module C: LTM, Multi-Year Maintenance Program to calculate the expected costs over several years (10, 15 or longer) on the basis of a risk analysis.
Module D: Billing, invoicing system where suppliers can invoice tickets but also Liability assignments to the client.
Module E: Agreements, see where which contracts are active, including version management and digital approval.
Module F: BRE, Business Rule Engine, module for approving invoices, quotations and activities in accordance with customer-specific procurement rules.
Module G: Surveys, surveys, module for conducting customer satisfaction surveys.
Module H: API, Advanced Programmed Interface the link function of NoClaims to other software packages.

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